Lions and tigers and PFAS oh my!

Lions and tigers and PFAS oh my!

First this was going to be a water blog (more like watering your lawn rant...) but we've honed in on PFA's since they've been in the news a lot lately....well they've been in the news for a really long time actually (umm Teflon was banned in the US in 2014...? but Europe in 2008...)  and yet finally as of April there are limits on PFAs in our drinking water per the EPA. But implementation...well we don't have any information on that...who is paying that cost? Welcome to the game of chicken where the federal government makes a rule for states and towns to implement and everyone just sits on their hands hoping the other one is going to pay for that's cool. Welcome to America, one of the richest countries in the world where 46 million people don't have safe drinking water and an ever aging infrastructure...I know here on the South Shore water quality and quantity is always at the forefront of discussions (but most people fertilize their lawns creating TTHMs....another blog rant or water their lawns because they live on 'well water,' but its the same water table....SMH)


and yet, what drives me REALLY NUTS though is that there are no actual regulations on many PFAS (they are a class of chemicals, thousands of chemicals) aka "forever chemicals," so we'll just keep making them....but it's okay because we'll remove them from our water. (okay, so in January 2024 now some are regulated, but really this is drop in the bucket, so for the most part they are still widely made). (If you aren't familiar with WHY pfas are bad, feel free to read more here or here Know enough to want to avoid them? Good for you)

I intentionally try to avoid the doomsday talk. I think it's more helpful to talk about what you CAN do as opposed to what you CANNOT do. 

PFAs are chemicals that create water resistant they are most commonly found in:

  • apparel that is water resistant or water wicking (rain jackets, sports clothing)
  • non stick cookware (just because teflon is banned and your pans are PFOA free doesn't mean they are PFAS free....)
  • waterproof food containers (take out containers, microwaved popcorn)
  • furniture stain resistant fabric treatments, rugs, etc


What you should avoid? ALL of the above (*insert crying emoji*). Just like microplastics, this **** is in our blood (we'll save that for another day)

  • if you can avoid PFAS in your clothing, great, but like everything in life its a balance...if my choice was a 100% certain to be PFAs free rain jacket versus a hand me down, I'll pick a hand me kids aren't sleeping in their rain jackets...and buying quality items over fast fashion (which is a bigger bigger big issue)...check out REIs statement.
  • pleeeeeease ditch the non stick cookware. you don't need as many pots and pans as you might think. We are huge cast iron fans (seriously, if you haven't gotten our seasoning oil or conditioner and you are still afraid of cast iron sticking, this will make your life 1000% easier)
  • its expense to replace your cookware, I get that...but IMO you need one cast iron pan and I love my Ikea pots and pans. Have money to burn? sure, grab some fancy stainless steel all clads, thats fine too.
  • minimize your take out or be an AWESOME ECO HERO and bring your container. Yes, whenever we go to the Tinkers son and get way toooo much, I am ready with a cool glass container. 
  • Yes, its true, despite what I once thought (the rules have changed), you CAN recycle your pizza boxes.... those are PFAs gold. Don't put them in your compost like I used to :)
  • Ditch the microwaved bag popcorn!! Use the stove, or if you're lazy like me, grab our popcorn maker and have your life changed. 


Oh and your water? Yes there are PFAS in your water. The MA limit was 12 ppm, now the EPA limit is 4 ppm. If you can afford a home water filter or under sink filter get one. There are great options ranging from thousands to hundreds. I prefer a filter that is PROVEN to filter PFAS, lead, microplastics, BPA, nitrates, and arsenic...

If you can afford one of our gopure pods, get one.

There are A TON of filters out there and its overwhelming....but you want one that does THIRD PARTY TESTING.  i.e. they send their water off to an independent lab to test  (not like someone in their own factory tested it).

and your plastic water bottles? not safer.... AND for goodness sake set a reminder to CHANGE YOUR FILTER.

and then take a deep breath and know that you are doing the best you can within your ability, your (newfound?) knowledge, your financial and geographical resources, and your sanity. XO.



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