Recycling Programs

Please note our recycling programs are currently PAUSED for May 2024. We will resume sometime in June. so hold onto your FCSC recycling until then!

Recycling Programs

We are happy to offer a number of recycling programs for items that are not commonly recycled. please only bring in these items when we are open. do not leave them outside our door.

Please have all items be clean and dry! For pouches and similar plastic tube products, it can be helpful to cut 3/4 off the bottom to really rinse it!

We will also gladly reuse good condition paper shopping bags with handles (medium and small are most needed) AND clean jars, see specifications below

 Listed below are our FREE programs. These programs are sponsored by various manufacturers and are free for us.





We are happy to cover the shipping on this one. They make our Crazy Crayons!



We also (usually) have a Terra Cycle Zero Waste Box. We ask that you contribute to the funding of this if you are able to. Please do not add things that are easily recycled in other waste streams locally. Think: bread bag clips,  plastic bits, 


Seasonally (Valentines Day and Halloween) we have a Rubicon Trash or Treasure bin for Candy wrappers (and fruit snacks and similar plastic wrappers). 


Other local recycling resources:

- Staples Pembroke: a lot of items can be recycled at Staples, PLUS you'll get rewards and/or a coupon. Batteries, writing implements, small electronics, cords, phone cases, etc. Check out the full list here.

- Lowes Pembroke: CFLs bulbs, String lights (like Christmas lights)

 - Target Hanover  car seat recycling/trade in program (which comes with a coupon). Takes place in September.

- Sephora Hanover pact bin for beauty empties. Guidelines

- Pet Supplies Plus, Quincy (not offered at all locations) ALL brand pet food bags. 



Plastic Bags and Film Grocery bags, plastic film that you would find encasing toilet paper

  • can be recycled at most grocery stores including the following places locally: Market Basket, Hanover
  • Target, Hanover
  • Shaws, Hanover
  • Stop and Shop; Pembroke, Norwell

    Textile Recycling- please note textiles are banned from entering trash in Massachusetts effective November 22, 2022

        • Bay State Textiles
        • The following items are accepted in the Bay State Textile Bins:
          • Shoes
          • Clothes (any condition)
          • fabric scraps
          • Go to the website for a complete list.
          • Bay State Textiles bins are at the following locations in Hanover: Hanover Middle School, Cedar, Center School by Elliot Field, Hanover Transfer Station. You will find them by many schools as well since the schools get a percentage of tonnage.



  • Insulation Technology, Bridgewater, 35 1st St, Bridgewater, MA 02324 508-697-6926 Drop Off Hours: 7 am - 3:30 pm OR Bin at Bridgewater State  CLEAN WHITE Styrofoam without any plastic, tape, cardboard, or other materials attached to it.



     Buy Nothing/Free Sites

  • Free in Hanover on Facebook
  • Buy Nothing Hanover/Norwell
  • Buy Nothing App

    Local Donation/Second Hand Shopping Places, click on them directly to learn more

    Take Two, Cardinal Cushing Centers, Hanover

    Savers, Hanover

    Bethesda House Resale Boutique  , Hanover 

    Wellspring, Weymouth


    143 Exchange - Annual (kids and some womens/maternity) FREE Clothing Exchange Program