Sustainable Thanksgiving? Sure thing!

Recently I was asked about tips for a more sustainable Thanksgiving....
Here are my big ones:

  • Turkey: Eat meat? That's cool. While I generally suggest eating less meat, you do not need to shirk your beloved holiday traditions! Eat the turkey! But if you can..... buy it locally. AND use all of the bits. Make stock with the bones, grind those giblets.... all of it. Local spots include Bongis and Hornstra has done orders before (call to check).


  • Produce: I prioritize local in season over organic. Why? Local, especially from a farmer I know, most often uses organic practices...but paying the for the certification is very expensive. (Also organic does not = increased nutritonal value, and organic farming still uses pesticides....) Local = better quality, keep my $$ local AND also cuts down on CO2 emissions. Check out the Hanover Farmers Market November 19th or the Marshfield Farmers Market on the 18th. There is also the new Greensmith Farm in Hanover!


  • Pumpkins! ya know that cute pumpkin on your doorstep? Eat it! The sustainable queen, Sarah Robertson Barnes shared her tips on cooking/freezing pumpkins so you can use your food instead of compositing it (or even worse, the landfill!). Or find a friend with chickens to donate it to.


  • Other food things: Grab all your other shelf staples with your Supply Bulk Foods order. Coming in on November 16th. Order now! Deadline is the 14th at noon.


  • Plan your meal: plan your meal, assign people to bring things, and know your numbers! Prevent food waste!


  • Ditch single use! try skipping the single use cookware...use the cloth napkins (everyday....!), and the plastic wrap? gross. Try our bowl covers instead.


  • COMPOST, okay so I'm a broken record, but composting is one of the TOP THINGS you can do for the environment. Why? Things don't compost in a landfill (or an incinerator...) both of those processes create and/or release additional greenhouse gases. ADDITIONALLY there is one landfill left in Mass, with most of our trash going to an incinerator (if you're on the South Shore) OR headed to an out of state to landfill. Yikes!!! My family has a home compost bin, but we also recently snuck in to be Black Earth Compost's Pick Up so we can add our non home compostable items. (Technically they don't service Hanover, but we're on the town line.....but if enough people sign up...! add yourself to their list). They JUST added Hull and Cohasset AND the whole town of Kingston now has a contract!


  • BYO Container: not hosting? bring your own container for leftovers!


  • Dishwasher? Use it! Saves water....saves sanity. We have your pods and powder ready! Don't forget dish soap and gloves for the big things!


  • Need a gift for your host? We have all the things for you! Cute tea towels, a new spoon, a set of sponges, soaps, and more! Tablescape? we have some cute bowls, and lots of beautiful tapers

All that being said, Thanksgiving is a wonderful time (as is every other day!) to open your home to family, or chosen family, be grateful, help your neighbors, add something to your cart for the Food Pantry, and make your own Thanksgiving story. *

*please stop perpetuating the "cute" Pilgrim tale. Plenty of ways to be grateful without it.
** food insecurity is real, do what works with your budget

Be well,
Julia & Team

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