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Me Mother Earth

Diatomite Clay Sink Caddy

Diatomite Clay Sink Caddy

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These stylish sink caddies are made from diatomaceous clay, sand derived from fossilized algae; a completely renewable and natural resource. The material can absorb 150% of its weight in moisture, dry in a matter of seconds, and prevent microbial growth.

Benefits: Organize and keep your eco tools dry, antimicrobial + mildew resistant, perfect for humid climates, and a great way to keep your sustainable tools dry and long-lasting.

Assembly Directions: Unscrew stainless steel legs, make sure to leave one silicone ring on each side of the screw. Gently screw one leg through each hole on the caddy with the longer portion of the leg on the bottom - careful not to over tighten.

Care Instructions: Use water and gently rinse and wipe clean. To maintain best absorbency, wash and dry completely every 10-20 days. For a deeper clean, use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and gently scrub. If necessary, you can use a thin grit sand paper.

Comes in a kraft Paper Box from Me Mother Earth

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