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Fountain Pens | Kaweco

Fountain Pens | Kaweco

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Why do we carry fountain pens? While they are made of plastic, we find that using a 'nice fancy' pen lasts longer...because its not 'disposable and replaceable', you are less likely to loose it, you always have it with you and the small plastic ink refill is far less plastic than a whole new pen (plus we just pop the empties in the zero waste recycling bin))

All the pens we stock from Kaweco's Sport series which was created in 1911. While it has since been expanded, but we offer pens from the original Sport Classic series, as well as the frosted, and skyline Sport series.

All nibs are made in Germany, and we most pens are a Medium Nib, which is the entry level width. We also carry a few in the Fine Nib.

Refills come in an array of colorful inks lessening your plastic use.

Additionally clips are available in chrome or black.


From our customers:

So far I love this pen! I thought it would be fun to have a fountain pen. Love the color (green), it writes very smoothly. - Nisha 

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