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GoPure Pod

GoPure Pod

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We love these goPure pods for keeping our water clean either at home, on the go and traveling.

The pods are proven to keep your water clean, removing lead, fluoride, arsenic, pfoas, microplastics, chlorine, ecoli and more.

*please note these are suitable for any TAP water, but not for other sources, like streams* 

The Pod is portable and able to be dropped into any water container - bottle, pitcher, coffee maker, hydra pack, humidifier, etc. 

Keeping your water clean wherever and allowing you avoid buying single use plastic water bottles on the go. One Pod works continuously for 6 months (264 gallons) or the equivalent of 2,000 single use plastic water bottles. 

Done with the pod? bring it back to the store to recycle or you can send them back to the manufacturer yourself if you are not local.

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