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Handled Turkey Wing Whisks | Amuck Broom Co.

Handled Turkey Wing Whisks | Amuck Broom Co.

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Gorgeous brooms handmade in Salem. Use for decorative, cleaning, or ritualistic purposes. Each has a longer handle and small hanging strap.


From Amuck Broom Co:

I make brooms using simple hand tools and a bit of elbow grease and imagination. Each broom is unique and special. When you find the one that is meant for you, you’ll feel a connection to it. Don’t be fooled, the broom choses you not the other way around.

Broomcorn (Sorghum vulgare) is grown for its bristle-like hurl which is especially good for trapping and sweeping dirt and dust. My brooms are made to be used so don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your daily cleaning rituals. Always store your broom by its hanger or laying down to prevent the bristles from bending and store in a dry place. When treated with love, your broom should last for many many years.

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