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Leaf Razor

Leaf Razor

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We love the Leaf not just because its plastic free, but because it will save you money, and its just a way nicer shave.

The Leaf Razor has triple-blades and a pivoting head and is most loved by head, body, leg and underarm shavers for its wild efficiency.

Plastic free razors with refillable (and recyclable) steel blades. Comes with 10 blades.

Check out all the accessories that work with the Leaf:

  • Extra blades
  • Silicone Grip
  • Travel Case
  • Shower Holder
  • Stand

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From our Customers:

"LOVE this razor! So easy to assemble at home & so much more worth it to pay a bigger price to avoid biweekly trips to CVS for a plastic razor. Highly recommend!"- Camryn D.

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